Bricklayers / Masons



Job Type:​

Full Time, 40-60 hours


$26 - $50 per hour

Job Summary:

A.O. Handy Inc. seeks a skilled Experienced Bricklayer to join our team! Responsibilities include laying bricks, stones, and concrete blocks according to building plans. Must be proficient in preparing mortar, utilizing tools, and cutting materials for accurate placement. Comfortable working at heights, with optional weekends and longer hours for those seeking extra work. Committed to safety, quality workmanship, and effective team communication.

  • Lay bricks, stones, or concrete blocks according to provided blueprints, drawings, or specifications.
  • Performs grinding, tuckpointing, caulking, and/or other masonry tasks
  • Prepare mortar mixes to the desired consistency and apply it evenly between bricks or stones.
  • Use tools such as trowels, levels, and plumb lines to ensure accurate alignment and proper placement of materials.
  • Cut bricks or stones to size using tools like hammers, chisels, or saws to fit around obstacles or achieve desired patterns.
  • Repair, replace, or restore damaged bricks, stones, or mortar as needed to maintain structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • Clean and maintain tools, equipment, and work areas to ensure safety and efficiency on the job site.
  • Follow established safety protocols and regulations to prevent accidents and injuries during construction activities.
  • Communicate effectively with team members to coordinate workflow, address issues, and ensure project requirements are met satisfactorily.
  • Experience as a bricklayer or mason.
  • Proficiency in using hand and power tools relevant to the trade.
  • Physical strength and stamina to perform manual labor for extended periods.
  • Attention to detail and precision in craftsmanship.
  • Strong understanding of safety procedures and protocols.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team.
Ability to interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications is a bonus.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working as a bricklayer or mason in the construction industry.
  • Proficient in bricklaying techniques, including mortar mixing, brick cutting, and alignment.
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and understand project requirements.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to new techniques and technologies in the field.
  • Pay rate $26 to $50 based on experience
  • Overtime
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