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Masonry repair and restoration services

With over 21 years in the business, we offer expert masonry rebuilds, repairs, and new constructions, ensuring high-quality, timely work in Wisconsin and beyond. From commercial to residential projects, we’re dedicated to meeting your needs with precision and excellence.

masonry Rebuilds

Often, a project may be beyond repair, prompting us to suggest a rebuild instead. For historical projects or instances where the original brick is no longer available, we try to reuse existing bricks whenever feasible. If that’s not possible, we’ll source the closest matching brick to ensure continuity and aesthetic integrity.

Masonry Repairs​

Cracks and deterioration are common occurrences in Wisconsin due to its climate, but typically, these issues can be resolved with straightforward repairs. This process is a normal part of maintaining a building’s integrity over time.


Whether you desire a custom-built piece or have a pre-planned project in mind, our team of experts is ready to manage and execute the construction seamlessly! With our skilled craftsmanship and precise coordination, we guarantee flawless execution of your ideas, no matter the complexity.

Our range of masonry services


Tuckpointing is a way to fix the mortar between bricks or stones. It involves taking out the old, broken mortar and putting in new mortar. It is crucial for maintaining masonry, shielding against harsh weather, and preserving a building’s stability and historical look. When done with precision, it reinforces the masonry and revives the structure’s original appearance. This technique is crucial for maintaining both the durability and visual appeal of masonry work by blocking water entry and avoiding further structural harm.

Our approach includes:

  • Detailed inspection to identify areas in need of repair.
  • Expert removal of old and damaged mortar.
  • Precision in matching and applying new mortar for a seamless finish.
  • Use of the highest quality materials for lasting results


Is your residential or commercial property showing signs of deteriorating seals in control joint spaces or around doors, windows, and other areas? Prevent the intrusion of air, moisture, dirt, and pests with our expert sealing services. Our experienced team is committed to providing superior-quality solutions to endure the summer and winter climates, guaranteeing their security and upkeep.

Chimney Service

Is your chimney showing signs of deterioration, such as cracking, crumbling, or loose bricks? It may be time for a professional inspection and repair.We offer chimney Repairs,  Rebuilds  and Concrete Cap/Crowns using Stone, Block or Brick.

Our skilled technicians specialize in various chimney repairs and maintenance, including brickwork repointing and structural fixes. We handle all aspects of chimney care to prevent issues like blockages and wear. Besides repair, we offer detailed rebuild quotes to keep your chimney in good shape.


Our team excels in creating and fixing masonry walls, offering a variety of services for both residential and commercial properties. We focus on building walls that are not just strong but also visually appealing, bringing high-quality craftsmanship to each project. We work with Stone, Block, Brick and Veneer. 

Explore our range of masonry wall services:

  • Rebuilds
  • Repairs
  • New masonry walls
  • Flower Beds
  • Capstones
  • Lintel Replacement
  • Window Sills


Our team excels in constructing sturdy and robust pillars essential for supporting the weight of your commercial or residential structures. We address any repair needs, from minor cosmetic fixes to major structural repairs, ensuring that each pillar we work on is sound and visually appealing.

In our work, we utilize a variety of materials including stone, block, and brick, chosen for their longevity and aesthetic flexibility. This diversity allows us to customize each project to meet the specific design and structural requirements of our clients, ensuring a perfect match with the existing architecture.

a brick patio


Walkways – Stoops – Patios

For walkways, stoops, and patios, our expertise in repairing or rebuilding any stone, brick, or paver-related flatwork stands unmatched. Elevate your outdoor areas with our specialized flatwork services, which promise flawless and practical masonry finishes to enhance the beauty and functionality of your spaces.

We proudly repair and rejuvenate stone, brick, or paver flatwork, regardless of the condition. Let us help you make your outdoor living spaces a perfect blend of beauty and practicality, where every step you take is on solid, beautiful ground.

Mortar Color matching

Mortar color matching is a critical process in masonry restoration and repair, ensuring that new mortar blends seamlessly with the original material of a structure. This technique involves carefully analyzing the existing mortar’s color and composition, then creating a mix that matches it as closely as possible.

The goal is to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the masonry work, preserving the building’s historical integrity and visual appeal. Professionals use a combination of visual assessment and laboratory analysis to achieve the best match, considering factors like sand color, mortar type, and any pigments or additives.

Effective mortar color matching can significantly impact the overall appearance of a restored masonry structure, making it a key skill for masonry repair specialists.

Spec Mix Color Samples

Above, you’ll find Spec mixes’ template for mortar color, but they also offer color pigments separately. We frequently use these pigments to enhance a base color from their template.

Spec Mix Color Samples

Spec mix is our go-to supplier for our projects. Before beginning any project, we select the appropriate color using their mortar color sample template. Frequently, we mix multiple colors together to achieve the ideal blend!

Custom Matching

Every project comes with its unique mortar color tone. As masonry experts, it’s our responsibility to adjust the color by adding or removing pigments to closely match the original mortar.

20+ Years Of Excellence

Professional Masonry Restoration and Repair in Wisconsin and beyond

Looking for top-notch masonry repair and restoration service? With over 20 years in the business, we’re the experts you can trust. Our team specializes in bringing damaged or aging masonry back to life, ensuring every project gets the attention to detail it deserves. From simple fixes to extensive restorations, we’ve got the experience to do it all. We’re not just about making masonry look good; we’re about ensuring it stands the test of time. Ready to see the difference experience makes? Reach out to us today for a quote.

Areas We Serve:

  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota*
  • Iowa*
  • Illinois*
  • Indiana*

*For any out-of-state projects we charge a $10,000* minimum)

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