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Whether your masonry wall needs to be repaired or rebuilt, or you need a completely new wall, we are here for you! 

Masonry repair & Restoration

Masonry is a fundamental construction technique involving structures from individual units like stone, brick, or blocks bonded with mortar. Renowned for its durability, aesthetic charm, and insulation properties, masonry is preferred for historical and modern buildings, offering strong and enduring beauty.

We specialize in meticulously cutting out, removing, and replacing brick and stone blocks and expertly rebuilding and constructing new masonry structures. Choose AO Handy Inc. for unparalleled masonry services customized to your specific needs.


Our range of services


Enhance your walls’ appeal and strength with our capstone services, ideal for garden walls and fences. Our capstones are customized to suit your aesthetic and environmental needs.

Flower Beds

Revitalize your outdoor area with our custom flower beds. Built with high-quality masonry, they offer lasting beauty and resilience for your garden.

Lintel Replacement

Maintain your building’s structural integrity with our precise lintel replacement services, essential for supporting windows and doors.

Window Sills

Our window sills, available in various materials and styles, safeguard against water damage and also enhance your exterior’s elegance.

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Masonry Wall Rebuild or Repair: Understanding Your Options

Deciding between repairing or rebuilding a masonry wall depends on the extent of the damage. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you understand when a repair might be sufficient and when a complete rebuild is necessary.


When Masonry Repair is the Right Choice

Masonry repairs are often viable when damage is superficial or affects a limited wall area.

  • Hairline Cracks: Small, surface-level cracks that don’t compromise the structural integrity of the wall can often be filled and repaired, restoring the appearance and preventing further damage.
  • Cracked Mortar Joints: Mortar joints between bricks or stones can deteriorate over time. Repointing, the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints, can resolve this issue and prolong the life of the wall.
  • Minor Water Damage: If caught early, areas of a wall damaged by water infiltration can be repaired by replacing affected bricks and improving drainage around the wall to prevent future issues.

When Masonry Rebuild is Necessary

Some issues are beyond simple repairs and may require a complete masonry wall rebuild to ensure safety and structural stability.

  • Significant Structural Damage: Walls leaning or with extensive brick damage likely need rebuilding to address safety and stability concerns.
  • Extensive Water Damage: Long-term moisture exposure requiring a wall rebuild to ensure structural soundness.
  • Severe Cracking: Deep, widening cracks indicate compromised wall integrity, often needing a rebuild due to foundational shifts.
  • Age-Related Deterioration: Very old walls showing significant wear may require a rebuild with modern materials to maintain safety and aesthetics.

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Our team excels in creating and fixing masonry walls, offering a variety of services for both residential and commercial properties. We focus on building walls that are not just strong but also visually appealing, bringing high-quality craftsmanship to each project. Contact us 


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Matthew Eash
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We contracted A. O. Handy to restore the foundation of our 150 year old home. The fieldstone foundation needed interior tuckpointing -- and a lot more. We could not be more pleased with their work. They are outstanding.
Arlen James
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I hired A O Handy for a chimney rebuild. Denis was in contact before, during, and after the project which was great especially when an issue arose regarding the old chimney. As for the project itself, everything was completed very timely, the crew cleaned up each day and were careful with personal items in the yard.
Jerry Tenckhoff
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The crew at A.O. Handy Inc. did a great job tuckpointing our 8000 sq ft commercial building. They paid attention to detail and completed the work on schedule. Very easy to work with and brought attention to areas that I was not aware of and stayed on budget.
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Frequently asked questions

Masonry walls offer numerous advantages, including durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. They provide excellent thermal mass, helping regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Additionally, masonry walls require minimal maintenance and can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-term structural integrity for your building.

The lifespan of masonry walls can vary depending on factors such as materials used, construction quality, and environmental conditions. However, properly built and maintained masonry walls have been known to last for centuries, making them a reliable choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Yes, one of the significant advantages of masonry construction is its versatility in design. Whether you prefer traditional brick, concrete blocks, or natural stone, masonry walls can be customized to match your aesthetic preferences and architectural style. Skilled masons can incorporate various patterns, textures, and colors to achieve the desired look for your project.

Masonry walls perform well in a wide range of climates, from hot and humid to cold and snowy. Their thermal mass properties help regulate indoor temperatures, making them suitable for both warm and cold regions. Proper insulation and weatherproofing techniques can further enhance the performance of masonry walls in extreme climates.

Yes, masonry walls can contribute to energy efficiency in buildings. Their thermal mass properties help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling, thus lowering energy consumption and costs over time.

Masonry walls generally require minimal maintenance compared to other wall construction methods. Routine inspections for cracks or mortar deterioration are recommended, but overall, masonry is known for its durability and longevity. Occasional cleaning may be necessary to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the walls, but repairs are typically straightforward and cost-effective.

Yes, masonry construction offers several environmental benefits. The use of natural materials such as clay, stone, and concrete reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing synthetic building materials. Additionally, the thermal mass properties of masonry walls can contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling demands, leading to lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions over time.

While the initial cost of constructing masonry walls may be higher compared to some other building materials, their long-term durability and low maintenance requirements often make them a cost-effective choice in the grand scheme of things.

Yes, masonry walls can be repaired if they sustain damage due to factors such as weathering, settlement, or structural issues. Professional masons can assess the extent of damage and recommend appropriate repair techniques to restore the integrity of the wall.