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Tuckpointing is crucial for maintaining masonry, shielding against harsh weather, and preserving a building’s stability and historical look, especially in Wisconsin’s freeze-thaw conditions.


Tuckpointing in wisconsin

A.O. HANDY INC. offers brick tuckpointing with an emphasis on collaborative excellence. With a keen eye for matching mortar color and joint style, our tuckpointing professionals work closely with clients to ensure the work reflects the building’s character while using cutting-edge techniques and materials.

Our Process:
1. Detailed inspection to identify areas in need of repair.
2. Expert removal of old and damaged mortar.
3. Precision in matching and applying new mortar for a seamless finish.
4. Use of the highest quality materials for lasting results

Benefits of Tuckpointing Brick

Precisely applied, this secures the masonry and restores the façade to its original splendor. This practice is essential for the longevity and aesthetics of masonry structures, as it prevents water ingress and structural damage.

Structural Integrity

 Tuckpointing restores the mortar joints between bricks, preventing structural decay and extending the life of your chimney or brickwork.

Prevents Water Damage

By sealing gaps in the mortar, tuckpointing prevents water from penetrating the brickwork, thus avoiding water-related damages like mold, mildew, and interior leaks.

Aesthetic Appeal

Tuckpointing revitalizes the appearance of brick structures, making them look new and well-maintained, which can enhance the overall look of your property.

Cost Effective

Tuckpointing avoids the high costs of structural rebuilds by fixing mortar early. This preventative approach saves significant money over time, making it a cost-effective maintenance strategy.

Property Value

A well-maintained building with fresh tuckpointing is more attractive to potential buyers or renters. It indicates that the property has been cared for, which can positively influence its market value and desirability.


 Tuckpointing extends the lifespan of masonry work by repairing and strengthening the mortar joints, ensuring the structure withstands environmental stresses and wear over time.

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Signs that your house or business needs tuckpointing

  • Mortar Erosion: Significant erosion leaving deep gaps between bricks or stones indicates the need for tuckpointing to restore the mortar.
  • Cracked Mortar: Visible cracks in the mortar are signs of deterioration, necessitating tuckpointing to prevent water ingress and further damage.
  • Loose Bricks or Stones: If bricks or stones can be moved or are loose, it’s a clear sign that the mortar has failed and requires replacement.
  • Signs of Water Damage: Damp walls, peeling paint, or mold inside the building suggest water is penetrating through gaps in the mortar, calling for tuckpointing.

Cracked or deteriorated mortar

Tuckpointing is a specialized method of mortar joint repair. It involves removing deteriorated, cracked, or damaged mortar from the joints between bricks or stones and replacing it with new, fresh mortar. Precisely applied, this secures the masonry and restores the façade to its original splendor. This practice is essential for the longevity and aesthetics of masonry structures, as it prevents water ingress and structural damage.


Our Reviews

Matthew Eash
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We contracted A. O. Handy to restore the foundation of our 150 year old home. The fieldstone foundation needed interior tuckpointing -- and a lot more. We could not be more pleased with their work. They are outstanding.
Arlen James
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I hired A O Handy for a chimney rebuild. Denis was in contact before, during, and after the project which was great especially when an issue arose regarding the old chimney. As for the project itself, everything was completed very timely, the crew cleaned up each day and were careful with personal items in the yard.
Jerry Tenckhoff
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The crew at A.O. Handy Inc. did a great job tuckpointing our 8000 sq ft commercial building. They paid attention to detail and completed the work on schedule. Very easy to work with and brought attention to areas that I was not aware of and stayed on budget.
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Frequently asked questions

Tuckpointing is a restoration technique used to repair deteriorating mortar joints in masonry walls. It involves removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar that matches the original color and texture, enhancing both the appearance and structural integrity of the masonry.

Over time, weather exposure, moisture, and general wear and tear can cause mortar joints in masonry to deteriorate, leading to weakened structural integrity and potential water damage. Tuckpointing is necessary to prevent further deterioration, maintain the stability of the masonry structure, and prolong its lifespan.

Signs that your masonry may need tuckpointing include crumbling or deteriorating mortar joints, gaps between bricks or stones, water infiltration, and visible cracks. If you notice any of these issues, it’s advisable to consult with a professional masonry contractor to assess the condition of your masonry and determine if tuckpointing is necessary.

The duration of tuckpointing depends on various factors, including the size of the area to be repaired, the extent of deterioration, and environmental conditions. A small tuckpointing project may be completed in a day or two, while larger projects could take several days or even weeks to finish. Your contractor will provide you with a more accurate timeframe based on your specific project.

When done correctly by skilled professionals, tuckpointing should seamlessly blend with the existing masonry, preserving its original appearance. Experienced contractors will carefully match the color and texture of the new mortar to the surrounding masonry, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing result.

The cost of tuckpointing varies depending on factors such as the size of the project, the condition of the existing masonry, accessibility, and geographic location. It’s best to request a consultation and estimate from a reputable masonry contractor to get an accurate cost for your specific project.

A skilled masonry contractor can match the new mortar color to the existing mortar to ensure a seamless blend. They will take into account factors such as the composition of the existing mortar and any desired aesthetic preferences.

Tuckpointing itself does not require special maintenance, but it’s essential to perform regular inspections and address any new mortar deterioration promptly. Additionally, keeping the masonry clean and free from debris can help prolong the lifespan of the tuckpointing job.

While DIY tuckpointing may seem feasible, it’s a specialized skill that requires knowledge, experience, and precision to achieve optimal results. Improperly executed tuckpointing can compromise the structural integrity of your masonry and detract from its appearance. It’s best to hire a professional masonry contractor who has the expertise and tools to perform tuckpointing safely and effectively.